"Drew went way beyond the call of duty. It wasn't just the time. It was the concern."
David Waxenburg
Account Exec., Geer, DuBois Advertising (1987)
"Drew's command of the language is impressive; his attention to detail outstanding."
Richard Corcoran
Florida House Speaker (1994)
"We would not have come anywhere close to meeting our deadline without Drew's willingness to finish no matter what."
August Neal
Cicitorp RE, Franklfurt (1989)

Can we have a word?

Let me turn a phrase or two for you

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Where it began
I can’t begin to knowin’

There’s someone’s voice and thought behind every sentence, every word. What do words mean to you? They mean EVERYthing to me. We’ve been getting to know each other, and I’ve been finding ways to make them come alive since 1965.

Flash back to mini me in my room at the age of four. My Drewmagination was opening its eyes and I was a hyperlexic reader. My astute mom encouraged it.

“Thanks mom.”

"Who you lookin' at?"

My concerns as a kid had more to do with putting Dewey Decimal numbers on my Book-of-the-Month Club collection than with who was being chosen in downstairs. It’s okay, I’d be last anyway. Don’t worry, it didn’t bother me much. I’d rather be upstairs reading.

My appetite for books quickly led to a desire to write. So with the family’s late 40’s Royal Quiet Deluxe (above) I began my novel. Sadly it never materialized, but the display of aptitude and desire helped mom & dad land little Drew a scholarship to Rhodes Prep in New York. :O

“Go Drew!” …and thanks again mom 😉

That was in fifth grade. The year Rhodes opened fifth grade in fact. And to date my only worldly honor lies there. I was voted class Prez by my peers. It was nice. I miss that lot a lot.


A lifetime has come and gone of course. And I’ve been here, there and back in the performing, musical and digital arts. But crafting words is it for me. It’s like a dream that’s always comes true, and I do it all the time.

I offer my dream and words to you. I believe it’s the best a Drew can do.

All grown up, the 500,000 hour expert

You've still not called?

What's the holdup?

(718) 757-8845

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